Welcome to Dhejung

Dhejung set out its humble journey in 1991 at Thimphu, the capital city of the “Land of Thunder Dragon”, Bhutan, the 3rd highest capital of the world, an awesome and most challenging township nestled deep in the Himalayan ranges.

Establishing a technical service centre in such an inhospitable location in that era was unthinkable for many, but our beloved founder Mr.P.M.Shaji achieved it with his sheer grit and perseverance. Today, Dhejung has grown and flourished into the following four big branches, viz.

Being a small, landlocked, developing country with a population of less than one million people, Bhutan heavily depends on India for most of its requirements. It has an open border system with India and goods flow freely between two countries and dealings are done in local currencies. Goods exported from India to Bhutan are eligible for GST/IGST exemption. Dhejung sources most of the goods from India and its activities are coordinated from Thimphu and Bangalore.

Dhejung always entertains new collaborations and partnerships from interested firms.

Our Vision

Dhejung Pharma was incorporated with a sole aim to reach safe, affordable, quality healthcare products to each and every part of the country.

Core Values

  • Supply of Genuine, Affordable andQuality products
  • Supply of customised projects &Services as per unique needs of the country
  • Bring in technology and expertise in collaboration with scholars abroad
  • Customer Care to the fullest satisfaction
  • Honesty and Professionalism at all levels