Dhejung Enterprise

With the enormous expansion of Dhejung’s activities in the Healthcare field, Technical Services, and General Merchandise, a separate entity was formed, viz. Dhejung Enterprise, to look the following activities: 

  1. General Merchandise and Services
  2. Customised product supplies and services
  3. General products of Education, Agriculture, Healthcare, etc
  4. Pet Food and Accessories, Veterinary / Poultry Feeds etc
  5. General Consumable Products

Dhejung Enterprise offers, in collaboration with experts from India, customised project executions, supplies& services in all fields.
It also undertakes project management, expertise, supplies and services to Bhutanese companies whether it is in the fields of agriculture, health, education, environment, project execution, etc   
Of late, Dhejung Enterprise has entered into Pet Food, Pet Products and Accessories, Veterinary and Poultry Feeds, supplements etc.  

Dhejung Enterprise always entertains enquiries and collaboration with companies which are interested in availing of our innovative and excellent services.