Dhejung Pharma

Dhejung Pharma exclusively deals in distribution and retail sale of Healthcare Products in all parts of Bhutan. Some of Its activities are:

  1. Dhejung Pharma has a huge Distributor-cum-Pharmacy centre in the capital city, Thimphu
  2. It suppliesMedicinesand medical products, instruments, kits, other healthcare products, etc to all parts of Bhutan through a well-established network system
  3. It supplies entire range of Covid-19 Products 
  4. It supplies full range of OTC Products 
  5. It supplies school lab instruments, lab chemicals & reagents, science lab products etc 
  6. Disinfectant Chemicals, Sanitizers, Hand washes, Sanitizer Dispensers, PPE Kits, Masks, OTC products 

Dhejung Pharma has a huge network of distribution system through which it makes supplies to each and every part of Bhutan.

Dhejung Pharma also supplies school lab products, chemicals and reagents, science lab instruments, etc to all parts of Bhutan. 

Dhejung Pharma also supplies entire range of Covid-19 products like Masks, IR & Regular Thermometers, Disinfectants, Sanitizers, PPE kits, sanitizer dispensers, etc.

DhejungPharma looks forward for supply of any kind of customised healthcare products.