Dhejung Pharmaceutical & Medical Supplies

Dhejung Pharmaceutical & Medical Supplies (Dhejung PMS) exclusively deals in Wholesale Healthcare Products. Its activities span in the fields of:

  1. All Range of Allopathy Medicines
  2. Herbal / Traditional Medical Products, its ingredients, raw material, Spices
  3. Medical Instruments, Equipment, Consumables,Technical Services
  4. Hospital Furniture, clothing, Medical Gas Products
  5. Hospital and School Lab Reagents, Chemicals, Science Lab Products 
  6. Disinfectants Chemicals, Sanitizers, PPE Kits, Masks
  7. All Range of Covid-19 Products

Dhejung PMS’s primary business involves in supply of Drugs/Non-Drugs /Machines/ Instruments / Equipment/Lab Reagents and Chemicals / Hospital Consumables, etc to Bhutan Ministry of Health through Govt tenders.  In Bhutan, the entire range of healthcare falls under the jurisdiction of by the Ministry of Health and no private doctors’practices/clinics/ private hospitals are allowed in the country.  The Health Ministry procures all the medicines, hospital equipment, instruments, consumables, etc through its annual and supplementary tenders.  Only registered Bhutanese companies are allowed to participate in these tenders and Dhejung is one of the biggest suppliers of Medicines and Medical Products to the Ministry of Health.  

During the Covid-19 Pandemic, Dhejung made huge quantities of Covid-19 products to the Ministry of Health, like Face Masks, Disinfectant Chemicals, Sanitizers, PPE kits, etc from Singapore, Malaysia, India, etc.Bhutanese companies source their supplies from Indian and foreign companies.

In addition,the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Agriculture also procure huge quantity of Science Lab instruments, products, consumables, Reagents&Chemicals, agriculture ingredients, equipment, machineries etc in which also Dhejung is a major supplier to these Ministries. 

For import of medicines into Bhutan, the Government of Bhutan mandates pre-registration of such medicines with the Drug Regulatory Authority (DRA) of Bhutan.  Dhejung PMS provides all kinds of guidance and assistance to those who are interested in registering their medicines with the Bhutan Ministry of Health.  

Dhejung always look forward and interested in collaborating with new firms for supply of medicines and medical products.